I have works in both public and private collections in India, Canada, Italy, France, America, Spain and the United Kingdom. I have been awarded grants from The Northern Arts Board and included in touring exhibitions.

I have exhibited widely in the United Kingdom including many major galleries.

I am presently living, working and exhibiting in Spain.

Over the past years, the major source of inspiration has been the practice of meditation on the heart, filtered through personal experience, limitations and approach. The works onview are a particular fragment of total output to date.

Spain has been another source of inspiration; the Costa Blanca, Javea, the Jalon Valley, Jesus Pobre and more have provided an endless source of wonder. The sheer delight of living by the Mediterranean, the colours, vegetation, vineyards, scents of jasmine and orange blossom, the sierras and the local mountain, Montgo...all have contributed to the work in obvious or subtle ways. It is an adventure, a journey. It is a quiet passion to communicate, to create from the standpoint of an artist into the mysteries of creation through contemplation, meditation, to a discovery of Nature both without and within.

Paul Klee wrote: "The artist stands at his or her appointed place, the trunk of a tree, he does nothing other than gather and pass on what comes to him from the depths. He neither serves or rules...he transmits. The position is humble. And the beauty at the crown is not his own. He is merely a channel."



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